Pacific Gold Beef Jerky Satisfy Your Hunger And Taste Buds

Pacific Gold has lived up to expectations of consumers since 1985 that turn to its signature product of teriyaki beef jerky. They well analyzed the need for such a snack in the lives of its former consumers by observing their basic need of convenience foods. With an ongoing lifestyle, people no longer have the time to create wonders in the confinements of their kitchens or wait, starving till they walk onto a home cooked meal at home. It is not a matter of loss of interest in self-creating or cooking. It is just the result of the hustle and bustle that modern lifestyle puts forward onto the plate. In-between all the activity, snacks and on-the-go products such as Beef jerky make an ideal snack as well as nutritional dose of energy that will keep you up to check with necessary vitals.

Pacific Gold All Natural 97% Fat Free Beef Jerky Variety Pack (12 - 1.25 Oz Bags, Net Wt 15 Oz)

Pacific Gold All Natural 97% Fat Free Beef Jerky Variety Pack (12 – 1.25 Oz Bags, Net Wt 15 Oz)

Of course credit goes to the zestful taste of the treat because of which not only people belonging to modern life style’s keep a spare pack but even people who love enjoying the open air. Since there is little or no access to proper stoves and microwaves in the wilderness or adventurous outdoors, people enjoy foods that do not require any preparation or cautious storage. Store it in your car, your picnic basket, your home cupboards, your bag or even your jacket pocket; it is entirely up to you because there is no need to worry about the meat spoiling. The reason being that beef jerky is preserved through the method of drying out, that means since it hasn’t been cooked, it will not spoil.

Made with quality and authentic ingredients, Pacific Gold Beef Jerky takes pride in providing a range of flavors to cater to specific preferences of taste.

ORIGINAL:  Traditional solid strips cut from steak (top round) that follows the natural style of preparation since 28 years. It is preferably best for those who enjoy uncomplicated and simple flavors mixing together.
TERIYAKI: This is the style of beef jerky that initially was the signature style after which the name of Pacific Gold became increasingly popular.
PEPPERED: A rich flavor of pepper combined with the traditional look and taste of beef jerky scores high with just an amount of 80 calories.
HOT AND SPICY: For people who fancy the overwhelming taste of spice, this flavor is packed with all the essential ingredients that will satisfy your taste buds with fiery.
STEAKHOUSE BBQ : Multiplying the popular taste of BBQ with the charm of beef jerky is a genius combination giving you double the fun.

Please see below for notes on the video.

All products of Pacific Gold Beef Jerky are made from the most premium top round steak meat available in USA. Preferred by all meat lovers, it makes a valuable choice for snacking purposes. With just the right amount of chewy texture and moisture, the savoring taste is hard to resist packing on the way from home to work, school or just a stride to the park.

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It’s been a while since my last review. I have been sick this past week, and now getting back into solid foods. So i’d thought,, why not do a another jerky review? My brother had gotten some of my favorite beef jerky from costco.. and wow i ate the whole bag.. still licking my fingers.. this is a great brand. I have been eating this brand for many years.. this is pacific gold jerky and they come in only a few flavors and is also available in turkey jerky made. It also can be purchased on

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  1. Why don’t you make chipotle beef jerky anymore

  2. Can you please tell me the ingredients in your jerky? I have a gluten allergy and I cannot find the ingredients listed anywhere.

    Thank you

  3. Love your product. Were eles can I get it. Thanks Rick

  4. What is up with the video ? I’m trying to figure out what is the brand image your promoting with this video.

  5. HI!!!

    Used to buy Pacific Gold HOT & Spiciy Beef Jerkey at Costco in LA County.

    It can’t be found there, on or anywhere?!?

    Have you discontinued this product (BOO-HOO) + if not,
    Where can I buy it???



  6. Is there garlic in the “spices” or in the Original Pacific Gold beef jerky?
    Thank you

  7. DITTO on the HOT and SPICY! We cannot find it anywhere, since over a year ago!@! It was (for several years) carried by Costco, but not since 2012… and we can’t find it anywhere else! What’s up with that???

    PLEASE HELP!@! (I use it to stay alert and awake while driving cross-country twice a year!)


  8. This can be found at Costco Club warehouses for about 25% less than Amazon. Purchased it this week.

  9. Just checked receipt from Costco, and the price difference is almost 50%, not the 25% I quoted above. It is 29.99 at Amazon and 14.49 at Costco.

  10. Does your beef come from grass fed cows? And are your ingredients all Non-GMO?

  11. Is there any place I can get the original Pacific Gold turkey jerky? Not the Terikaki flavor.

  12. I am going to send pictures of my jerkey. It has mold growing all over it.

  13. You took my post down? I will ruin your business right now. I’m posting picture of your molded jerkey online to all social media.

  14. Why do you no longer make the Peppered Jerky.. it was sooooo good and and now i cant find it anywhere.. please bring it back to Costco

  15. My jerkey has dryed out, how can I soften it up?

  16. I bought your brand for the first time at Costco a few weeks ago. Went through the first bag and it was good. Opened the next, assumed it was good and picked out a piece smothered in MOLD! Seriously, expiration is 10 MONTHS AWAY.

    STAY AWAY FROM THIS BRAND PEOPLE. THIS IS FOOD YOU ARE SELLING, MAKE SURE IT STAYS GOOD. I can’t imagine the quality control, or non existence of it at your plants. DISGUSTING. Never buying any of your products again.

  17. I just love your beef jerky flavors. I just went to Costco just to stock up on the hot & spicy as well as the garlic black pepper. Delicious and it keeps my mouth busy, so I love it for dieting.

  18. Why did you change your jerky when you changed the bag? It’s so “soft” (I can’t think of another word to describe the difference) now and “piecy.” It still tastes good, but the consistency seems to be different.

  19. I bought a bag at Costco in April it was a large bag with small bag’s inside. the bags were good until I got to the last bag the meat was covered in a white mold.i call the number on the package they said they would send me a coupon you never did I called last month the lady said I would be getting it soon. Still no word from you

  20. I love the garlic and crushed black pepper but Costco (san diego) runs out so quickly. all I can find is the original flavor, which is still good, but I miss the garlic.

  21. Disappointed! Love the turkey jerky but when I look at ingredients it has wheat and soy?!?!? I get the soy sauce but why wheat? Wheat makes more and more people obese in this country than ever before, why because it’s in EVERYTHING! And it is not good for you! Why do you have to put it in there? Do you have a wheat free and preferably soy free turkey jerky?

  22. I enjoy the taste of your beef jerky. But is there a reason that you would put 7 oxygen absorber packages in your bags with your beef jerky. The package only weighs only 1.25 oz. Does this weight include the oxygen absorber packages so you don’t have to put in as much jerky ? Is there any quality control ? I don’t wish to feel cheeted.

  23. We have looked and looked, and my company can’t find your teriyaki beef jerky. My employees at love it, and we have not been able to find it for months. Any suggestions? Even Amazon doesn’t list it. Please help!!!!

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